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President Donna Rome has been rescuing rabbits since 2012. Founded in 2015, BunnAgain Rabbit Rescue strives to rehabilitate and re-home neglected and abandoned rabbits while promoting responsible ownership for the often misunderstood animals.


There are approximately 20 rabbits in care at any given time. Relying solely on donations, Ms. Rome frequently pays out-of-pocket for veterinary care and other necessities. She is devoted to promoting responsible ownership of domestic house rabbits through education and participation in community events from festivals to farmers markets. For example, Ms. Rome offers a “Learn Before You Leap” program to allow interested applicants to explore rabbit ownership before making a formal commitment and permits exchanges to ensure optimal placements. As a staff member at a local elementary school, she introduced a “bunny box” in the cafeteria, allowing students to donate vegetables bound for the trash can and implemented “Breakfast with the Bunnies” as a school-wide incentive program.

BunnAgain received recognition as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in July 2018. 

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Board Members

Donna Rome, President Founder
Aston Archer, Fund Raising
Rebecca Caine, Treasurer 

"I’ve seen first hand the hard work and the long hours that Donna put me in caring for these animals when many people have ceased to care. Her rescue organization is top notch in love and in care for these little animals."

                        -Sarah G., Facebook

Our Mission

BunnAgain aspires to provide high-quality care and rehabilitation to unwanted and abused house rabbits in the South Louisiana region while emphasizing public education for maximum animal welfare. 

Our Values

Education: The people (and rabbits!) at BunnAgain believe that happy bunnies begin with informed owners. Understanding a rabbit's unique needs and communication fosters lifelong companionship.  

Innovation: Our leadership is willing to try things differently in order to get results. 

Collaboration: We seek to both give and receive support from rabbit-centered, animal welfare organizations at large as well as local businesses. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Realizing the potential for universally responsible and dedicated rabbit ownership 

Our Objectives

We are working on our Flop House (bunny shed). Our goal is to have  climate controlled year-round  housing for our bunnies

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