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Adoption Application Form

Have you decided you want to adopt a bunny?
Let's get started:
1.  Please be sure to review ALL the information under RABBIT 101 on this website.  This is REALLY important information even if you have had rabbits in the past. Be sure to review the LEARN BEFORE YOU LEAP PROGRAM.
2. Have a conversation with Donna Rome.  She is amazing when it comes to "everything you ever wanted to know about bunnies".  She can also review your living situation (other pets, small children) and give you advice on the bunnies that will be a good fit for you.  Each bunny has his/her own experiences and personalities! Contact info for Donna  here
3.  If you live in a home with others please have a frank discussion with them and be sure that they are okay with a new family member BEFORE you bring the bunny home.  Your bunny will be part of the family and not hidden in a tiny cage in the backyard.  Be sure to ask about allergies.  It is not unusual for a family to adopt the perfect bunny, fall in love with him/her only to find a family member has an allergy.
4. Adoption Fees are $60.00 for a single bunny $100.00 for a bonded pair
After you have completed the 3 steps please complete the Adoption Form
  Please click on the document icon to download a copy of our Adoptions Application Form
  • Complete the form
  • Send the completed form to Donna here
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