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Founded in November 2004, Magic Happens has placed over 1,400 animals. Visit their website by clicking the above link or check out the Facebook page to learn about the incredible work they do in Baton Rouge and beyond.

Each day, we do all that we can to help the domestic, pet rabbits in North Louisiana. We work each day to be a change for the world. Visit Holley's website by clicking the link above -they're on Facebook, too!

Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana 

We provide medical, surgical, nutritional, behavioral, emergency care and general wellness care for birds, reptiles, and variety of exotic small mammals.

Azalea Lakes Veterinary Clinic

Azalea Lakes Veterinary Clinic is proud to serve the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas for everything pet related.  Our clinic is owned by Dr. Suzanne Boucher, who is a licensed, experienced veterinarian.  She is helped by Dr. Gretchen Godbee, Dr. Tara Farmer, and Dr. Margaret Borne.  Together they are what keeps Azalea Lakes Veterinary Clinic going.

Small Pet Select

We only sell the highest quality food, pet bedding, chews, toys and other goodies for small furry friends to enjoy.

Small Pet Select has made generous product donations to BunnAgain - we're forever grateful and forever fans!

The Jefferson SPCA Fix-A-Rabbit Program

Funded by parish rabies and license fees, Jefferson SPCA offers a reduced-cost spay and neuter services for residents's pets. Call the SPCA at (504) 733-5878 for more information. 

Are you a rescue or small business

serving rabbits?

Please let us know so we can feature you on our Resource page! We'd like to honor the contributions  of EVERYONE in this

warm-hearted community. 

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