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Do you want to be a foster?

One of the best ways you can help Bunnagain is by  opening your home to  one of  our bunnies. Foster parents are the foundation of our rescue efforts. At any given time we  can have as many as 30 rabbits in the rescue.  Day to day we deal with rescuing stray rabbits from the streets , vet visits,  spaying/neutering, getting sick rabbits medically cleared for adoption in addition to feeding, grooming and cage cleaning.  This is time consuming and it is difficult to attend to each rabbit individually. Fostering  helps socialize a rescue rabbit and get them acclimated to living in a home environment with family. The foster gets to know the rabbit's individual personality, likes and dislikes.  This information is important in finding the right rabbit for the adoptive family. Fostering can be extremely rewarding and satisfying.   Please complete our contact form if you are interested in being a foster .  Contact form here.

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