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Learn Before You Leap


A pet rabbit is a long term investment, and a commitment that you must but sure you can make.  BunnAgain Rabbit Rescue is offering your family an opportunity to preview rabbit ownership and help out a rescue rabbit at the same time!

For a $30.00 donation to the rescue, you will be loaned a rabbit, cage or pen, instructions & supplies for a 2 WEEK practice!! (Application and interview required)

Donations may be applied toward adoption fee if needed


Those cute baby bunnies will grow up into adults, and will still need your time and attention.  This is a great way to see if your family is ready for the commitment!!

  • Rescues will get the one on one attention they crave

  • Kids will get a reality check and learn about the responsibility of  rabbit care

  • Parents will have an option to return the pet without having made a huge investment.

  • Donations will help feed, house and care for the rescue animals


Donna 504-717-3918 or e-mail  bunnagain@gmailcom for info

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